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A private label manufacturer of high performance asphalt patch

Bag of Pothole Patch

High-Performance Asphalt Pothole Patch

PLM's High-Performance Asphalt Pothole Patch has been designed with your budget in mind; it is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, permanent solution. Once you experience the many benefits of PLM's High-Performance Asphalt Pothole Patch, you'll understand why utility companies, road repair contractors, municipalities, water departments, and homeowners are all using PLM's High-Performance Patch; the first truly environmentally friendly high performance cold mix asphalt patch that's also Zero VOC.

Proudly Located in Cleveland, Ohio. We have successfully sold over 10 million bags since 1994. PLM's High-Performance Pothole Patch is available in bags, pails, and drums to meet your needs.

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It's So Easy!

Application - sweep away debris


Sweep away any loose debris/water from pothole.

Application - fill hold evenly with pothold patch


Fill the hole evenly directly from the bag or pail.

Application - compact pothole repair


Compact with heaviest rubber wheel vehicle available.

That’s all there is to it! The more traffic that rolls over it, the stronger it becomes.
(patch covers approx. 6 sq ft.)

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Bag with the Nation's Leading Pothole Patch Manufacturer

PLM stands for Private Label Manufacturing. Our High-Performance Pothole Patch is formulated and blended from fine quality materials to meet or exceed government and industry standards. We have a proven product in the retail market since 1994.

Our private label customers have product in hardware stores, big box stores, industrial catalogs and more.


PLM Earth Patch

PLM Earth Patch
PLM EarthPatch™ is using GreenPatch®; technology to produce our environmentally friendly high performance cold mix asphalt.
Bag of PLM Earth Patch

Paving The Way To Go Green

PLM EarthPatch™ is an environmentally friendly high performance cold mix asphalt. It is a direct replacement for traditional cold patch. PLM EarthPatch is a ZERO VOC product. This makes PLM EarthPatch™ a VOC compliant material worldwide. When properly installed, it’s permanent and outlasts the surrounding pavement.

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