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Premium High Performance Pot Hole Patch ​


Premium High Performance Chuckhole Patch is a ready to use, premixed asphalt base patching material for repairing potholes in roadways, parking lots, garages, sidewalks, driveways, railway crossings and bridge decks! This is a unique Premium High Performance repair material that is far superior to common cold patch mixes. Our Premium High Performance Chuckhole Patch i is a combination of super hard aggregate, refined asphalt and specially formulated polymers. The polymers give Premium High Performance Chuckhole Patch i the high strength adhesive power that holds the patch together and bonds it to the existing pavement. Special wetting agents have been added so it will adhere to wet surfaces as tenaciously as it does to dry surfaces. This adhesive strength allows it to stick together without raveling like common cold mixes do.

Premium High Performance Chuckhole Patch is extremely easy to apply. All you need is a broom and a shovel. First sweep out all loose debris from the hole. Apply Premium High Performance Chuckhole Patch as it comes from the drum or container. Tamp it in place or roll it in with a car. That’s all there is to it! Actually, the more traffic that runs over the Chuckhole Patch the tougher it becomes!

Bonds permanently - even to wet surfaces!

Pliable and easy to use, even in freezing temperatures!

No primer needed! Ready to use, no heating or mixing!

Can be applied from –20F to 140F! Usable all year round.

Super durable, withstands constant heavy traffic without pulling out or raveling.

Not affected by salt or calcium chloride!

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