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High Performance Pothole Patch FAQs ​

Our Pothole Patch FAQs answer some of the most common questions regarding the use of our asphalt reapir product.


Can PLM HPP Patch be used as a resurfacer?

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR HOT MIX. PLM HPP Patch is designed as a patch for contained holes. NO COLD MIX can be used to overlay, build curbs, speed bumps, ramps, driveway extensions, fill trenches, or fill birdbaths of standing water in existing asphalt or concrete. You must have retention from all sides. This material will work in most cases.

When applying PLM HPP Patch is a tack coat or primer required? Can I seal coat?

No! Primer or tack coat is not required. You must wait at least 90 days before applying a driveway sealer.

Can PLM HPP Patch also be used in repairing concrete surfaces?

Yes! PLM HPP Patch is used in patching concrete and asphalt pavements-including roadways, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and runways.

Can PLM HPP Patch be used in wet conditions?

Yes! It is ideal for working in wet conditions.

What are the easiest forms of compaction?

Hand tamper or compaction by wheel rolling with a vehicle is the most common and proven.

How long does it take to set up?

PLM HPP Patch can be opened immediately to traffic in most cases. The more traffic the better. Compaction is the secret to getting a suitable patch. If set up does not occur in 1-2 weeks you can help speed up drying by sprinkling a dry concrete mix or sand over the patch to absorb some of the oils.

What kind of coverage can I expect?

Approximately 11 to 12 pounds of PLM HPP Patch is needed per square foot at one inch depth.

How deep of a hole can I patch?

If deeper than three inches, patch in two inch lifts and then compress in between each lift before adding more PLM HPP Patch. Crown last lift approximately one inch higher than top of hole and compress. You must have a solid base for this material. Do not fill a hole larger than 2’ x 2’ x 3” deep unless you backfill with gravel or rock for optimum results.

Will PLM HPP remain pliable if stored outside?

Material stored outside will be less workable. If the temperature is below 70F, for best results bring material indoors for approximately 24 hours prior to patching outside hole.

Will PLM HPP Patch work in cold conditions?

Yes! PLM HPP Patch will work in conditions to minus 20 below 0F.

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